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Recently Answered Questions

Asked By Maggy on May 4, 2017
Subject: Oyster House
Just wondering about the Delaware Oyster House near Terrace Tavern. I heard the beer selection is good but how are the oysters/quality/prices?

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Most Recent Answer Submitted By chnlove on May 21, 2017
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Asked By Michael on December 8, 2007
Subject: My Memories
Growing up in Beach Haven Terrace on Pennsylvania Ave. from 1964 – 1985

I’ve been blessed in life, but these are the things that I miss from my childhood on LBI. Some may still exist, but for me, they have all gone by. However, my experiences and memories still remain.

Fishing with my father. Coleman’s “Come as you are Room” – Mr. Coleman’s Ground Sirloin Burger, and Scallops poached in Lobster sauce. Walking to the beach and saying hi to Mr. Coleman as he was cleaning his floor boards – that place was spotless. Tonnes and the Crest Fishery. Mr. Kane’s Nor’easter shop. The Sweet Shop next to Marvel’s – Big Ed and Helen Krupa were the owners. Helen is almost 90 and still lives up the street. Big Ed’s charter boat the “Eugotus” that was docked at Southwick’s. Marvel’s donuts with a tall glass of milk. Catching blowfish until you got tired of taking them off the hook – I haven’t caught one in 35 years, but I can still taste them. Memories of fishing, clamming, trapping minnows, and duck hunting every day of the season. Mr. Ralph Parker, and his visits to our house; his stories of LBI were endless. Hartman's, and testing the new slide with our burlap bags. Hartman’s, and the bumper cars with Tommy and only our friends. The original Thundering Surf – the parade of dump trucks that built that hill seemed to be endless. Hot Fudge Sundaes at Dairy Queen, which became Goodies, and then WA WA. Working at Howard's Take-Out, and cooking the best (maybe only) deep-fried lobster in the world. Scuba diving trips with Capt. Clover, and Donnie Southwick. Scuba lessons with Deb Whitcraft, and Jon Spodafora at “Innerspace”. Surfing and body surfing in one of the best locations on the east coast. Ice skating at Southwick's in the deep freeze of '77, '78. Meeting a new girl every week in the summer (this most likely still exists). The beach after school in September -- it was all ours and the water was still warm. Harvesting mussels off the jetties. Water skiing the western edge of Marshshelter Island. Pool-hopping from the Buccaneer to The Mariner, and then the Spray Beach Motel. Swimming in Jimmy Mancini’s indoor pool in the winter. Playing darts at The Pub, and seeing our former teachers as bartenders. The Acme Bar, Kassner’s Pizza (Nardi bought Kassner’s), Bob Nugent's LI Ice tea, and smoked almonds at the Port Hole. The Tide Restaurant overlooking where we played Little League BB for Shapiro's, and The Exchange. That February morning in 6th grade when we woke up and discovered that the Lucy Evelyn was gone. We didn't swing for the fences in that Little League field; we swung for the Lucy Evelyn. The 10th St. Dunes in Barnegat Light (I checked last summer and the “bowl” is not there anymore). The Colony Theatre – we rode our bikes to watch the opening of “JAWS”. The next day we woke up and went surfing. That bull shark from 1916 was long gone.

I grew up on LBI, and my memories and experiences are endless. I live in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay now, but if you ask me where I’m from, the answer is LBI.

All my best.

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Most Recent Answer Submitted By John on May 17, 2017
Michael! You and I were friends. Your dad is Marty. I'm Ralph's grandson. I lived next door to Ralph on Maryland. This is weird because I looked up his name and it led me here. I'm thankful that he was a good memory for you. To me he was the best. Thank you so much for mentioning him. And for all the other memories. Also for being a good friend when I was a nerdy kid. It's a long shot that you'll see this but I had to try.

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