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Question and Answers

View other questions about Complaints

Asked By Tony on July 10, 2018
Subject: Stop Posting Your Spam Shit Webmaster!
I know it's you doing it too! When did you decide you wanted this to be a spam/scam site? Asshole!

Submitted By Hugh Dontnoe on July 11, 2018
I'm quite sure it's not the webmaster. Check out the phone numbers and email addresses of the spammers. Area code 404 is Atlanta. The webmaster is in NJ. The spammers are using gmail, which they often do because it's free. I'm sure the webmaster has access to any number of REAL email addresses. And much of this has the telltale signs of the overseas spammers that have attacked other forums I've visited.

His only sin is that he stopped taking down the spam. It simply looks like he just abandoned this site. Why? Probably because it takes too much of his time to straighten out all the bull****t that continues to be put here by so many people day after day. Too many A-holes and not enough time. How much money can this site bring in anyway? Maybe a few dollars a month? Not worth the effort to maintain. I don't blame him. After all, all the regular posters have left -- why not the webmaster too! I'm one of the old time posters -- I only came back to check out this site (for the first time in a long time) out of morbid curiosity to see what it has become. Pathetic!

Submitted By BeachGuy on July 11, 2018
Hey, someone posting that actually has a brain, a refreshing change...keep it up.

Submitted By Tony on July 11, 2018
But why won't the webmaster remove them, and why does he no longer moderate this forum anymore? Something is not right, and he must be dead, or at least incapacitated!

Submitted By Hugh Dontnoe on July 14, 2018
Because of the reason I already stated. Too much work to take down all the BS for very little profit. This site 4 dollars a month maybe? And probably takes many hours per week to clean up the crap. I know I wouldn't waste my time like that!

Submitted By Tony on July 15, 2018
Than he should shut this damn site down if he no longer wants to do anything about it, or hand the keys over to someone who will!

Submitted By Dave on July 16, 2018
I also wonder why the webmaster quit this site? Maybe those companies are perhaps paying him off to post their spam here too?

Submitted By Donald Trump on July 17, 2018
I took this website over! This is my forum, remember!?

Submitted By Hugh Dontnoe on July 18, 2018
If he doesn't want to spend the time to maintain it, it falls to reason that he also doesn't want to spend the time to disable it. That actually takes a little effort as well. You don't just flip a switch. Besides, there are still some helpful old posts that people can access that would be otherwise lost if he shut it down.

At the end of last year there was a post from someone claiming to be the webmaster saying he was shutting it down after new years. I wonder if that wasn't just an imposter hoaxing us.

And Dave, really? Why would a scam company pay any webmaster to post their crap when they can just do it anyway for free? Paying for something that's free reduces your profits.

Submitted By Todd on July 18, 2018
It is very sad to see what this forum has become. Wish it could have stayed useful & civilized unlike now.

Submitted By Josť on July 19, 2018
How true.

Submitted By BeachGuy on July 19, 2018
Well said Todd.
I tried following LBI on Facebook, just doesn't work for me, too scrambled and confusing.
Was nice to see that Dave is still alive & kicking. He used to be one of the regulars for years.

Submitted By C@mmando on July 20, 2018
Since the webmaster apparently isn't doing this himself, I think Dave might have meant the spammers could be paying off the webmaster to not remove the posts. He probably needs the revenue, after chasing away his loyal posters. What a loser!

Submitted By Hugh Dontnoe on July 20, 2018
I think it's a different Dave. The post doesn't seem to have the same personality as the old Dave.

Submitted By The old Dave on July 20, 2018
Yes it is a different Dave. But I still check in once in a while to see if things have improved.

Submitted By Cranky Pants on July 20, 2018
This forum has become such a disgrace to the L.B.I. community! The webmaster should have shut it down when he said he would a long time ago! That is if it even was him, but probably just another hoax I'm guessing.

Submitted By BeachGuy on July 21, 2018
Your right Cranky, this forum used to be such a great place to get accurate information about LBI. Beach conditions, restaurants that were good or not. What ever happened to Dina Roundabout ( not sure if that was her name )she used to give such great restaurant reviews, I really miss her

Submitted By Dinah Roundashore on July 21, 2018
Wow -- thankyou! I still visit now and then. But I haven't done a review in a long time. I figured, what's the point anymore.

Submitted By Gus on July 22, 2018
Sad he let this forum get so out of hand to turn into such a digital wasteland. This once was a great site back in the day as hard as that may be to believe now.

Submitted By BeachGuy on July 23, 2018
Yes, Dina I see your point, this site has become an embarrassment to all the great people that used to contribute. I do miss your reviews though.

Submitted By Todd on July 24, 2018
Yes it has Beach Guy. Am also not happy with how this forum has been heading for a long time now.

View other questions about Complaints

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