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View other questions about Complaints

Asked By Cranky Pants on November 10, 2017
I once again must point out the obvious fact that is once again allowing homophobic, racial, and overall nonsensical, insensitive, and spam & scam posts, and still REFUSES to do anything about them! Webmaster, I really hope you shut this site/forum down like you very recently said you would, unless you're once again lying to us! Your forum has become a horrible disgrace to the Long Beach Island community, and until it's finally gone hopefully soon, I suggest this site be 100% totally boycotted, and all ads pulled from it until then!

Submitted By BeachGuy on November 10, 2017
Cranky Pants, couldn't agree more, site has become an embarrassment to the wonderful people of LongBeachIsland

Submitted By Tony on November 10, 2017
So glad this forum is finally shutting down! Too bad for the webmaster that he didn't implement proper user registration when doing so would have helped save the site, back when it was still being used! Not even that would save it now sadly. He truly is an idiot for letting this forum get so out of hand the way it did!

Submitted By Alpha dog on November 11, 2017
It's the result of people eating so much fermented cheese. It affects your sensibilities.

Submitted By Zach on November 11, 2017
I ain't no homophobe, but I think trump is gay.

Submitted By Jerry Sandusky on November 11, 2017
I'm not gay but I like to play around with and touch little boys though! ;)

Submitted By Cranky Pants on November 13, 2017
FYI, any recent posts attributed to Cranky Pants are not made by the original Cranky Pants, which is me. Crazy that someone would post under someone else's name? Maybe not, given the state of this forum...False Cranky Pants, please express your opinions under your own nom de plume (look it up if you need to). Cranky Pants out, forever.

Submitted By The REAL Cranky Pants on November 13, 2017
But whoever did post this, I do agree, and am very disgusted as to what this forum has become! This is also why users should have been required to register as well!

View other questions about Complaints

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