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Asked By Ruth Ann on September 8, 2017
Subject: Storm
Why doesn't Tony care about the people in Florida? Why is he so cavalier about the possibility of Irma turning into a tornado when it hits LBI?

Submitted By Pete on September 8, 2017
Tony obviously doesn't understand astronomy.

Submitted By Kevin on September 8, 2017
Irma is gonna be "bangin'" just like her "sisters" Sandy and Katrina! Harvey their "pimp" will be very proud too! ;)

Submitted By Tony on September 8, 2017
I never said I didn't care about the people in Florida! I hope they will be okay but it's unfortunately looking bad for them. I'm just getting sick of hearing about this hurricane! But who said we're getting a tornado here? That's news to me!

Submitted By Pete on September 8, 2017
What I'd really like to know is where the hell is Answer Man? We could really use his knowledge on this topic right now!

Submitted By Answer Mary on September 9, 2017
They are probably referring to the fact that sometimes there is tornados activity during hurricanes and cyclones. That being said, Irma is not going to affect us. But Jose is possibly going to curve back into the DE Nj NY area as a cat 3 in the next couple weeks. So everyone's getting confused.

Submitted By Ruth Anne on September 9, 2017
Janet said its going to be a tornado.

Submitted By BeachGuy on September 9, 2017
The new Answer Man is there...his name is Todd

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