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View other questions about Complaints

Asked By donna on July 12, 2012
Subject: Police Harassment
Has anyone experiences unexplained traffic stops? After 14 years of family vacationing on the island, this year our 19 year old nephew has been stopped twice! Tonight it was for the hanging airfreshner from the rear-view mirror.


Submitted By NJ DEWD on July 13, 2012
Yo, my friend was stopped by LBTPD but under questioning by me he admitted to blowing a red light at its changing and he didnt get a ticket.

Submitted By The Beach on July 13, 2012 sure your nephew is telling you the truth?

Submitted By Bill G on July 18, 2012
Read this thread this morning, then this afternoon that my daughter was harrassed last night by a cop for no reason other than being a young driver. So I for one believe this thread is true.

Submitted By Sea Scape on July 19, 2012
how do you know your daughter is giving you the entire story? Were you with her?

Submitted By CPA on July 22, 2012
It's a simple lack of revenue. With the recession, all states, cities, and counties have increased their budget for issuing tickets. Just another form of taxation. We use to be free....

Submitted By Gus on July 26, 2012
I agree CPA. Little by little, bit by bit...

Submitted By su on August 3, 2012
my son got a ticket a few days ago...had a car up his bumper, being a new driver he sped up a bit to was an unmarked car pulled him right over....bam $85. and 2 points....thats intrapment

Submitted By SUN&SURF on August 3, 2012
he shouldn't have sped up - he should have pulled over to let the car pass him.

Submitted By su on August 5, 2012
no we don't pull over to the side and let someone pass...especially on 25 mph dark, raining son was following the rules...the unmarked vehicle (a) sped up to get up to his bumper and (b) followed too close for a way too long period of time, therefore intentionally intimidating the driver ahead.....ticketed him oh then apologized to my son cause he's a resident..a little surprised by that he was... (who by the way humps working 50 hours a week on lbi to make our townspeople profitable) oh and the icing on the cake...we called to stand before the judge and make our case...our court date has been pushed back cause "they are on overload". Really.....

Submitted By Reilly on August 4, 2013
It is a shame about the cops on lbi. Have been going there for 30 years and the last 7 the cops are getting worse and worse. This year there is definitely less people so less tickets and they now seem to be targeting the contractors. They should ban together report this pathetic force to The Govenor. My son got a ticket last year for paying his music to loud in his car. I just bought a home there so do plan on attending civic meetings to voice my concerns. I understand they depend on summer revenue to paying for their lavish building but it starting to feel like u live in a police state

View other questions about Complaints

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