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Question and Answers
Restaurants, Food Stores

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Asked By Benny Haven on February 14, 2011
Subject: Restaurants on LBI - Top 5
Since everyone has an opinion about restaurants on LBI, why don't we list some of our favorite top 5?
Here is my list (1 - best):

1 - Gables
2 - Yellowfin
3 - Bisque
4 - Pinziminio
5 - Black Whale

Honorable Mention:
1 - Plantation
2 - Roberto's
3 - Harvey Cedar's Clam Shack (in Beach Haven)
4 - Daddy O's
5 - O'Malley's Pizza


Submitted By Dave on February 14, 2011
Here's my list:

1) Yellowfin.

Other than that I'm just not much of a fan of fine dining on LBI. 8^(

Submitted By Tim on February 14, 2011
I agree with Dave. To me, the shore and fine dining just donít go together. This is why Iím looking forward to the return of Morrisonís!

Of the current establishments, I like Howardís the best.

Submitted By Gus on February 14, 2011
Holiday Snack Bar
Uncle Will's
Frosted Mug
Harvey Cedars Clam Bar (BH)

What can I say - I got kids!

Submitted By BeachGuy on February 14, 2011
Anyone have an opinion on Surf City Hotel ? I used to go there years ago and it used to be good

Submitted By jj on February 14, 2011
You have all got it wrong.. the engleside is probably the most consistent, open all year and where all the local's go...

Submitted By Benny Haven on February 15, 2011
jj - You're right. I forgot about Engleside! Great sushi, other stuff is not bad. They need to simplify the menu a bit, there is just too many items. That degrades the quality. The place is definitely on my rotation.

Submitted By Dave on February 15, 2011
I did forget the Engleside for sushi. It is just so far away! We used to have excellent Chinese but not since Sophie and the Szechuan Gourmet left us.

Submitted By Nellie on February 15, 2011
OK, everyone is probably going to go "WHAT????" but I happen to really like to go to Buckalews and sit in the tavern section. Food is always OK, and I just like the atmosphere. Plus, if you have kids, their personal pizzas will easliy feed two!

Submitted By Dave on February 15, 2011
If we are expanding "fine dining" to include bar fare, I would have to include the Gateway for wings! They are up there with the best anywhere.

Submitted By Benny Haven on February 15, 2011
Gus - Frosted mug is open? What's it like in there?
Dave - Gateway wings better than Chegg?
Nellie - Buckalews is fun and BTW their new sushi menu is not half bad

Submitted By Dave on February 15, 2011
Chegg, never been? If I'm going to drive all the way to BH it'll be for sushi! And speaking of sushi - what is "half-bad" sushi? That does 'not' sound appealing!!! ;^D

Submitted By llama on February 15, 2011
I always liked/like Chicken or The Egg, the Gazebo (great bay view), the Seashell (outdoors / how can you go wrong... twilight dinner & cocktails on the beach), Engleside (outdoors / same comment...), the Ravioli Place (name? / "near" Daddy Os but only take-out), Black Whale. Always like the Bagel Hut. I'm pretty basic tho... I might be a bad gauge.

Submitted By Benny Haven on February 15, 2011
Dave - "half bad" is a simplified level of measurement in the use of the mathematical, "Order Theory". In other words it's better than average.

Submitted By llama on February 15, 2011
It is a shame that the island doesn't have a good (any?) Chinese place.

Submitted By Dave on February 15, 2011
re: half-bad and the "Order Theory".

Sorry, I was thinking in terms of "ODOR Theory"!

Submitted By Commando on February 15, 2011
Benny, are you a West Point grad or a Doritos aficionado?

Submitted By Benny Haven on February 16, 2011
Commando - Close...Ocean County College..
Also a connoisseur of fine wine, caviar, salsa chips, and baby back ribs.

Submitted By Commando on February 16, 2011
Benny, I know it appears to be an odd question; however, Benny Havens is a bar in Highland Falls that is memorialized in a popular West Point song. Benny Havens is also slang for the residue found on your fingers after eating Doritos. With your refined palate, you've come a long way from OCCC.

Submitted By Benny Haven on February 16, 2011
Commando - Ha ha..Benny Haven is just a simple description of my self - North Jersian who has a place in Beach Haven.
I guess the Dorito residue is closer to the truth than West Point!

Submitted By surfcitymom on February 17, 2011
To BeachGuy re his question on Surf City Hotel. We basically wrote off the place after a not-so-great experience but recently went back with a group and was pleasantly surprised. All 8 of us had wonderful meals. Tough to please everyone in a group that size. We will put it back on our rotation list this year.

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