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Question and Answers
Directions and Transportation

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Asked By Lonnie on January 11, 2011
Subject: Snow!
Can you sled on the dunes when they have snow? I would use a saucer or tube, nothing with runners.

Submitted By Obvious Guy on January 11, 2011
The dunes cannot be trespassed upon.

But, you knew that.

Submitted By scyc on January 11, 2011
to Obvious guy if we had a like button i would press it.

Submitted By Wendell on January 12, 2011
Did we get enough new snow last night to use the dunes for sledding?

Submitted By Beachy on January 12, 2011
Lonnie/Wendell you need to come up with a new act. This one is getting old.

Submitted By Manny Lasserashunz on January 12, 2011
Even *IF* you were allowed to, you'd get sliced like a salami when you got to the dune fence.

Submitted By Just a local guy on January 12, 2011
I feel sorry for you guys with tiny dunes you can sled on - it's done all the time in BL down the back of the old monster dunes.

Submitted By Obvious Guy on January 12, 2011
Not legally you can't.

"The unauthorized removal or displacement of sand within the beach-dune area or the unauthorized trespassing upon the dune area shall be construed a violation of this article."

In other words - get caught and explain yourself to the nice policeman.

Submitted By Bookem Danno on January 13, 2011
I wonder what the odds of an LBI police officer going on the beach in the winter? I vote ZERO!

Submitted By Obvious Guy on January 13, 2011
Police on the beach? It can easily happen!

The exact same way people walking their dogs on the beach get caught during the season - someone drops a dime on them with their cell phone.

Submitted By hahahahahahahahaha on January 13, 2011
It's Obvious Guy that you don't live here! I can't stop laughing at the thought of an LBI police officer responding to a call that they need to go stop kids from sledding on the beach! Too funny. Thanks! You made my morning. Ha-ha, I can't get the vision of a local cop trudging through the plow pile at the end of the street! OK, at least now I am only chuckling. Time to get back to work.

Submitted By just wondering on January 13, 2011
Who slices Salami?

Submitted By Sal Lammie on January 14, 2011
What - you never had a slice of salami on a sandwich?

Submitted By just wondering on January 14, 2011
Sure I have, but I use a knife, I have never used a dune fence, although I will try it since it was mentioned.

Submitted By Harrison on January 15, 2011
I sliced my salami on a dune fence once.....

Submitted By Commando on January 20, 2011
In the winter nor'easters of '77 and '78 we tried, but once your sled hits the sand your dead in your tracks.

Submitted By Commando on January 20, 2011
I read obvious guy's posts. Pretty funny -- the cops don't bother with the locals in winter. "Constable on Patrol" has a different definition on LBI in the winter.

Submitted By Commando on January 20, 2011
When the air temperature reaches 27 degrees Fahrenheit the water molecules between the grains of sand also freeze, and therefore the sand is not displaced. As kids we were instructed to stay off the dunes, but if the bay was frozen we sledded on the dunes! Great fun -- no harm!

View other questions about Directions and Transportation

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