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Question and Answers
Directions and Transportation

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Asked By Sandyshoes on August 17, 2010
Subject: LBI
This is actually 2 requests. I have someone taking a bus from NYC to Toms River. Then taking another bus to Manahawkin. Does anyone know where the Manahawkin stop is so I can pick them up? Has anyone used a better way getting back to the city(Penn Station or grand central)? Thanks

Submitted By Dave on August 17, 2010
The Manahawkin Bust stop is on Rt 9 about a quarter mile north of Rt 72, right by the lake parking lot, across from the old Carroll's building that is now a bunch of shops. A much better way back is to catch the Academy Midtown Express from the Forked River rest area. Here is their schedule:

Submitted By Dick on August 17, 2010
When my wife was still working in the city, she took the bus to Toms River and I drove up to Exit 81 on the Parkway and picked her up there -- we thought it offered fewer chances of missed connections.

Submitted By Sandpiper on August 17, 2010
Like Dave says The Manahawkin bus stop is on rt 9, right near- diagonally across- I think- from the Dunkin Donuts on Bay Ave. (This will help if you're googling the directions) The stop is on Manahawkin Lake- you'll see a gazebo/grassy area. NJ Transit does not list the exact location of the stop, so we weren't sure how to find it either when we picked up our guests.
Yes you can drive to Toms River or Forked River, but if you're on vacation, you may not want to.
By far the easiest way is Transport Azumah - direct service to/from NYC -9th Ave, behind Port Authority. They bring you right onto the island, stopping at various points north and south. It is however more expensive, the trade off being you don't have to take precious vacation time picking up guests. Here's the website:

Good Luck!!!!

Submitted By Sandyshoes on August 17, 2010
Thanks for your helpful imformation everyone.

Submitted By Dave on August 18, 2010
Oops - Dunkin Donuts at Bay Ave and Rt 9 has been gone for a while!

Submitted By Sandpiper on August 18, 2010
Thanks for that update Dave. Didn't know that it had closed- it's been two years since we picked someone up there -just recall there was one nearby (my sister-in- law, who is a big DD fan asked that we bring back coffee.) Google, however, will still give you directions to the now closed store. The store is of course, no longer listed on the DD website.
I'm sure that Sandyshoes will be able to find the bus stop.

Submitted By yankeemom on August 18, 2010
There is a bus service from midtown right to the island. My husband has used them on occassion, and I know someone who uses it regularly without problem. Azumah bus service. There are not as many times available as the other bus companies but if it works with your schedule its great!

Submitted By lovetheshore on August 18, 2010
yankeemom-I looked up the website for Azumah bus service
I never knew there was a bus route from NYC to LBI.

Submitted By Sandpiper on August 19, 2010
If traveling from LBI back to NYC, just be sure you're waiting right at the designated pick up spot. Wave to let the driver know you're there. Last return trip we had to chase the bus down - driver simply just passed the person by. This "problem" of the driver not seeing or recognizing a person as a passenger was also reported on their website. Because there is no official bus stop signage and waiting passengers may be pacing and wander away from the stop, the less-conscientous driver could well leave without you. Otherwise, it's been a great convenience for us to have guests and not have to make that trip to Manahawkin, especially on a nice beach day.

Submitted By Sandyshoes on September 5, 2010
The Azumah bus service from NYC worked out good. It was a van and there were seven passengers and he was dropped off in Holgate about 10 minutes later than scheduled.

Submitted By Sandpiper on September 5, 2010
Great to hear that SS. I believe, depending on the number of passengers booked, you would get either a bus or a van. It's just so convenient!

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