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Directions and Transportation

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Asked By Jen on May 5, 2010
Subject: Memorial day traffic
We are coming down Memorial Day weekend. Was wondering when the traffic started building up. We plan on arriving on Friday morning. Any ideas/advice/experience? Thanks in advance for your help.


Submitted By Jesse on May 6, 2010
If you come on Friday morning, than it shouldn't be too bad, and the traffic is usually the worst on Saturday. While it can be bad on Friday, it's not too much if you get to L.B.I. early as far as I know, and the bridge construction is thankfully done now too. Good luck!

Submitted By Hailey on May 6, 2010
I'm coming down too! Can't wait...I already have my new beach chair and I'm stocking up on sunscreen! My experience, Fridays are OK almost all day. Hope the weather is nice!

Submitted By Jen on May 6, 2010
Thanks for the info. How about leaving on Monday? I'm assuming as the day goes on the worse it is. Any ideas? Thanks again!

Submitted By Jesse on May 6, 2010
Well if you leave on Monday, than it's not too bad, if you either leave very early, or late in the afternoon, or close to night time. Since it's not quite summer season on Memorial Day, the traffic going off the Island isn't as bad as it is on Labor Day, and is maybe around the same (or maybe a little worse, or better) as it is for a typical Sunday, during summer.

It pretty much depends on how busy it gets on L.B.I., but getting home shouldn't be too much of a hassle, if you leave at around the time frames I mentioned.

Submitted By Just a local guy on May 6, 2010
You could try my solution and just stay forever! It took me 15 years but once I did it all I could think is "Why did I wait so long?".

Submitted By lovetheshore on May 7, 2010
Local Guy-I like your way of thinking!

Submitted By Sandpiper on May 7, 2010
lovetheshore.. me too! Maybe we should be calling you "Just a LUCKY guy"

Submitted By sb on May 7, 2010
My experiences on leaving Monday late afternoon or early evening have generally resulted in a 45-60 minute time frame between Ship Bottom and the intersection of Route 539 on 72 West. This is worse than the regular summer weekends when I travel as it's usually about a 30 minute trip on those days. I guess I haven't been as fortunate as Jesse!

Submitted By Gus on May 9, 2010
The last time we were down that weekend it took about an hour to get off the island. We left late afternoon on Monday. Ever since then we rent out that weekend.

Submitted By Jen on May 9, 2010
Thanks everyone. I am thinking we will go in to LBI early Friday morning and leave Monday mid-morning. I have two small children and would hate to be stuck in all of that traffic. Thanks again!

Submitted By Seabreeze on May 9, 2010
The trafic last year on Memorial day on the island was not bad at all. When we got on the GSP North there was a huge back up do to the construction. It doesn't even matter what time we leave the island.I have been going down to LBI on and off on weekends even in the winter; and because of the construction on the GSP there seems to always be a delay for several miles north of exit 63. I guess it depends upon your destination. The island itself seemed fine.

Submitted By Jesse on May 10, 2010
Well the best times for you to leave L.B.I. on Memorial Day would be either before 12:00, or after 4:00, as the traffic probably will be bad between those times. I did forget to mention that the Parkway widening construction is still going on (and probably will be going on for at least most, if not all of the summer), which won't help things at all. Like I did previously say, the causeway construction is thankfully finished, so I'm sure you'll be fine, as long as you leave either before, or after the times I mentioned. It's probably best to leave before 12:00, since there still will be a lot of people on L.B.I. after that, and all.

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