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Restaurants, Food Stores

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Asked By Jesse on April 2, 2010
Subject: Did DeFiglio's Re-open?
Did the DeFiglio's Great Value supermarket re-open yet? I'm hoping they did, as they opened back up around this time last year. If not, than does anyone know when they'll be back in business? I love that store, and I hope they're going to be back before long.

Submitted By The Answer Man on April 2, 2010
It looked closed when I passed by last weekend. Calling them would be the fastest way to find out.

Submitted By Jesse on April 2, 2010
Thanks for your response, and that's too bad they're still not open. I thought for certain that they would be, and I wonder what's taking them longer to open back up this season? I would try calling them, though that probably wouldn't do a lot of good now, with them still being closed, and all. Either way, please keep us posted on the status of DeFiglio's, and I'll post up any info that I may find out about this myself, if I discover any new info.

Submitted By The Answer Man on April 2, 2010
I just drove past, Friday evening 4/2/10 - and they are OPEN!

My suggestion about calling was in case they were open, or in case they had a recording with an announcement.

Submitted By Jesse on April 2, 2010
Thanks Answer Man, and you're the best! I'm very happy they're open now, and I can't wait to go there again very soon! To everyone else here, please do what you can to support them, and make sure they stay open as long as possible. While it's not so bad they're not open year round now, it's still too bad they have to close down a few months of the year, and it would be a huge shame if they ever had to shut down completely, like so many other great businesses on L.B.I. have had to in the past several years, as we all painfully know all too well. Keep these places going, as I'm sure the last thing we all want is for L.B.I. to become a junior version of the Hamptons, which would be terrible to say the least.

Submitted By surfside on April 2, 2010
Yup they are open and I just saw an ad in the Sandpaper stating that. It is good to see things re-opening!

Submitted By Jesse on April 3, 2010
You're definitely right about that Surfside, and it would really depress me if DeFiglio's ever closed down for good, and while it's been a long time, I also still wish they had the one in Manahawkin on Bay Ave (anyone here remember that one?), as that store was great. It's such a shame that L.B.I. isn't quite as good as it was in the past, with so many places I liked going to biting the dust. I really miss the Ship Bottom Hands Store (which was thankfully somewhat offset by the fact that the Beach Haven one is still alive, and well), the "real" Marvel's Market (as the new deli one they opened up isn't quite the same), The Beacon (formerely Shermat's) Golf & Arcade, The Colony 4, & Colonial Movie Theaters, Chain Lane, Fay's Deli & The New Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, and any other places that I may have missed.

I also still haven't gotten over My Dad's (the arcade, & restaurant in Ship Bottom, which is now Our Endless Summer, and isn't nearly as good as My Dad's ever was), not to mention Pier 18 Mall, as it being Silver Mall doesn't quite cut it for me. Losing Pier 18 Mall was personally the biggest blow to me, as I worked there during the last three years that it was Pier 18, and I more than likely would've still been working there, had if it not been sold, and under new ownership. In the meantime, I'm going to be happy that DeFiglio's is now back in action, and hopefully L.B.I. residents will appreciate it more now, and will do their best to support that place, and keep it in business as long as possible.

Submitted By come on... on April 5, 2010
You must be part owner. come on...
dirty, overpriced, poor selection, haphazard service, need I go on.
Why should we make exceptions to "island businesses" that can't compete with business 4-5 miles away.
Being an island resident, I would be MORE than happy to stay on the island to do my shopping (not just food)but the majority of business on the island are money hungry pigs. Yes, I can hear the screams now...
Think about it...Other than the month of January there are a LOT of people on the island daily. You have to work to get them but they are here. Ask WAWA, Bisque, Pinziminio, Panzones and other places that stay open all year.
True retailers willing to gut it out for the local customer and guess what, they do OK.

Submitted By Miss Staken on April 8, 2010
Opps "Come on" - at least two of the four places you mentioned are closed in January. Panzones in BH closes for most of the winter, Pinziminio was closed for most of the winter too. Wanna try again?

Submitted By come on... on April 8, 2010
To miss taken,
As you read, I stated that "Other than the month of January", I was talking about Panzones in Surf City which IS open year round so my bad on pinzimino...
That said, of course you miss the larger point that I'm making by taking silly pot shots. Next time I'm sure you will pick up a spelling error as well.

Submitted By just a local guy on April 8, 2010
I didn't miss your "silly pot shot" trying to lay the blame for businesses not staying open all year on those of us that live here. Maybe you should try spending an extra share of your money here since you are a part-timer. You know, make an extra effort. I find it funny and just a bit selfish that you expect year-round residents to put up with a poorer selection and higher prices so that YOU have a place to come back to for the brief period of the year when you are visiting.

Many of my business-owning friends are quite happy to close the doors for 3-6 months and enjoy life - it's why they work their butts off serving the likes of you for the seasonal months.

Submitted By Miss Staken on April 12, 2010
Well "come on", it wasn't intended as a pot shot. The point I was trying to make is that even the businesses that "gut it out" struggle in the off-season too. Most are bearly breaking even and some even taking a loss. It has less to do with the way they run the business and more to do with the amount of foot traffic and availability of a work force. The population just isn't here in the off-season. If all of the year round residents stayed on the island to do their shopping, I doubt it would make enough of an impact to turn the situation around. It's always been tough in the winter to survive in a seasonal area.

Submitted By Jesse on April 12, 2010
Well I'm just hoping that Islanders will appreciate DeFiglio's more, with them not being open year round anymore. Perhaps it's just me rooting for the "underdog" like I usually do, but I hate it when coorpate stores drive small businesses away, and isn't chain type stores one L.B.I's. bigger draws? It seems like people come to L.B.I. to get away from such places, and like to go to the unique restaurants that L.B.I. has to offer. I'm pretty certain that's why chain stores don't cut it on the Island, and why places like Chain Lane, and Burger King couldn't cut it, despite being "brand names" and all.

Submitted By Sam on April 17, 2010
"Wow" there certainly are a lot of "quotation marks" in the above "responses". Gets a little "annoying" after a "while".

Submitted By Miss Staken on April 19, 2010

Submitted By Kitsa on April 26, 2010
Just weighing in here, I stopped going to Defigs when I got a moldy apple turnover, once was enough.

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