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Directions and Transportation

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Asked By Mary N. on February 7, 2010
Subject: Storm
Did it snow on LBI this weekend?

Submitted By Troll Alert on February 8, 2010
Please do not feed the troll.

Submitted By SMD on February 8, 2010
I would be interested in how much snow LBI received and any pics any one took

Submitted By The Answer Man on February 8, 2010
Hundreds of shore storm photos are on the Press of Atlantic City website.

I haven't gone through them all to see if there are any LBI ones. But it is always a good idea to check the local papers (Press of Atlantic City & Asbury Park Press) for news photos and weather results.

Submitted By Just on February 8, 2010
Here's a shot of a friend I caught out and about in BL:

Submitted By NJ DEWD on February 8, 2010
I understand Point Pleasant Beach recorded 14 inches - I would say LBI was a little bit more because it is further south.

Submitted By just a local guy on February 8, 2010
And here it comes again:

Submitted By jjs on February 8, 2010
I don't understand why someone jsut cant post how much snow LBI got. Even though I am a homeowner I do not live in the area (not even in state) and I would be curious...not everyone is a troll.

Submitted By The Answer Man on February 8, 2010
I don't live on LBI and many people who read these posts don't either. So, we may not know the snow depth! I see snow on the ground using my webcams down at the shore house - but you can't tell how exactly many inches of snow there is.

Submitted By The Answer Man on February 8, 2010
Just for the heck of it, and to see if the information was easily available online, I searched the Weather Underground website and with just a few clicks I was able to see that a weather station in Brant Beach reported 17 inches of snow.

Submitted By Dave on February 8, 2010
There is no way to tell how much snow we actually got because for 24 hours the wind blew at a steady 35-40 MPH with gusts in the 50's. Once the first 6-8 inches landed that was all that would accumulate. Twelve hours later there was still 6-8 inches because anything higher than that got blown away into the bay.

Regarding the 2% tax on non-residents I believe there is a misunderstanding about this. I don't believe it is an "additional" tax, but rather a very high estimated payment for which a refund may be obtained by filing a non-resident tax return. The code reads:

"Estimated tax payment is determined by multiplying the gain on the sale of the property by the highest Gross Income Tax rate of 8.97%. Gain is to be determined without taking into consideration any distributions during the taxable year to beneficiaries by estates or trusts. In no case can the payment be less than 2% of the consideration received."

This is an attempt by NJ to collect tax on gains that would otherwise be lost because the out-of-state seller wouldn't bother filing a return to pay them. The law forces the out-of-state seller to prepay estimated taxes and then file for a refund if any is due. It is my personal experience that they do this for estates too - forcing the heir to file a non-resident tax return to get back their estimated payment.

If you make a profit on the sale of your property you owe income tax, if not, you don't. This is no different than any other state with an income tax. NJ has just become a bit more aggressive in collecting it!

Submitted By NJ DEWD on February 9, 2010
Thx Dave and good for NJ! I agree with this policy!! Looks like we are going to get more snow tonight into tomorrow! Good night to be by Roberto's fire enjoying chicken parm and wine! Ahhhhh!!

Submitted By Melvin on February 14, 2010
Lots of good sun today helping to melt the snow dunes away. Just wondering if would-be renters stormed the island this weekend.

Submitted By Jesse on February 14, 2010
Hopefully the snow melts away soon, as it's definitely driving me crazy to say the least! I can't believe we got so much in February, considering that the snow we get around here (which usually isn't much for the most part) pretty much stops after January ends. Thank goodness it's almost March, and we better be snow free by the time (and after) that long awaited month finally arrives!

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