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Question and Answers
Directions and Transportation

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Asked By Jesse on December 20, 2009
Subject: Hilliard Road Construction?
What's with the construction going on, on Hilliard Boulevard in Manahawkin? It's been going on for a while now, and what are they doing there? How much longer is it supposed to be going on for? It's really becoming annoying, with the traffic delays on that road, to say the least!

Submitted By Jesse on January 9, 2010
So does anyone here know why this annoying construction on Hilliard is still going on after it started two months ago, and why it's happening? It's driving me crazy, and I really hope somebody here can shed some light about this! I'm really getting sick of all the irritating road consruction projects going on right now!

Submitted By A Simple Solution on January 9, 2010
If a question like this was nagging at me, the last thing I would do after waiting weeks for an answer here is to still expect to get an answer here.

May I respectfully suggest a simple phone call to the township for an instant answer?

Submitted By Jesse on January 9, 2010
Well regardless of the case, I was still hoping someone here can help me know what's going on with this annoying, stupid road construction project (that's already taking far too long to finish), as that's what this forum is here for, right? Most of you here give out great info, and what's the point of this forum, if no one is willing to help someone find out something they really want to know about? It's bad enough that there's road construction going on with the bridge, and the parkway, and the Hilliard construction is the last thing I personally (along with many other people) need right now! Again, if anybody here knows what that's about, and when it will be done, than please post it A.S.A.P.!

Submitted By A Simple Solution on January 9, 2010
Great info and advice is freely given here IF the people reading the questions know the answers.

Obviously, they don't, after all this time. You were given perfect advice as to how YOU can get the answer by YOU picking up your phone. But you seem to want someone else to do the work for you. You've already taken more time, and wasted more time here than the call would have taken. But, that is your choice. Keep waiting and checking back for your reply! Three weeks and counting! Good luck!

Submitted By D O T on January 9, 2010

Submitted By Jesse on January 9, 2010
Take it easy, as I didn't post this question to be flamed, as I did so in search for help. Other related questions like the one I posted were usually answered right away, so I don't understand why mine wasn't, and I know we all agree that whatever it is, needs to end A.S.A.P. It's irritating enough that there's way too much road construction going on right now throughout the area, to say the least. If the township really wants something necessary, and productive done, than they should really get to tearing down that eyesore of a shack that still somehow stands in the marsh area on the side of the bridge, especially since it's a foregone conclusion that it's obviously not viable to preserve. All this construction work is as unnecessary as that really annoying loud siren system that Beach Haven still unfortunately uses.

Submitted By D O T on January 9, 2010
This link is an eye-opener:

Submitted By A Simple Solution on January 10, 2010
You are right - you caught us.

We all know the answer but because of The Conspiracy we are not allowed to help you.

We just wanted you to call the Township and discover that their phone won't connect from your phone.

Submitted By Jesse on January 28, 2010
I just took a look at the link provided about the bridge in this thread, and it's scary how bad of shape it's in. At least the D.O.T. was smart enough to postpone it until after Labor Day, as that would've been a disaster if they did so during the summer, as originally planned, and they better be done with it before May. I also got a closer look at the construction happening on Hilliard, and it seems they're installing pipes of some sort, which I don't understand. It's getting so aggravting with how long that's taken, and that it's still going on after starting three months ago. Hopefully we're finally done with pointless, and inconvenient road construction projects going on after all is said, and done, and that Chris Christie will finally put an end to such pointless spending, while doing what he can to cut taxes A.S.A.P.

Submitted By Jesse on April 12, 2010
Well I'm mad to point out that the stupid construction on Hillard Rd. in Manahawkin is still going on, in case anyone is interested. I'm really getting ticked about this, as there's no way it should still be happening after beginning in early November, and I really want to know who the moron was, who allowed this to happen!

It's also a shame that the bridge work is still going on, though I'll be more forgiving of it, if they get it done by May 1st, like they said it would. It was really frusterating though how it took me around a half an hour to get home, when I drove to the mainland from L.B.I. last week, because of the work going on at the bridge. What the heck are so many people even doing on L.B.I. this time of the year anyway? As far as I know, "Shoobie Season" doesn't even begin until Memorial Day, if I remember correctly.

Submitted By Slim on April 12, 2010
Early spring traffic jams - people drivin' down to see if the shack is still standing.

Submitted By Jesse on April 13, 2010
I didn't think about that, and I guess a lot of people really want to see the Shack once more, before it's finally no more! At least we'll all have another good reason to be happy about the Shack dying when it finally happens before long, and it would be great if the Shack being gone will help keep at least some of the Shoobies away (even if L.B.I. sadly needs them, in order to exist), that's for certain!

Submitted By Jesse on May 1, 2010
Well I have some partial good news about the annoying Hillard Road construction, and while it's not done yet, it looks like it's going to be anyday now, since they're now working on it towards the end of the intersection, on Route 9.

Hopefully I'm right about this, and that the causeway construction is now done too, since they said it would be by May 1st. This (along with 2004, when the pointless L.B.I. water pipe project went on, along with construction on the bridge that year also) has got to be one of the worst years ever when it comes to stupid road construction projects, which I really hope our new governor puts a stop to now.

I also read that the parkway widening won't be done this summer, I.I.R.C. Good thing I don't drive on it though, and if both the bridge, and Hillard Road construction aren't done anytime soon, than there's definitely going to be Hell to pay, especially if these things aren't done by the time the shoobies invade, and take over the Island!

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