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Question and Answers
Directions and Transportation

View other questions about Directions and Transportation

Asked By Travel Boss on October 16, 2009
Subject: Traffic Lights
Around what date do the traffic lights change over to blinking yellow?

Submitted By Stu K on October 16, 2009
I thought they did the Monday after Chowderfest (Oct 5). Rememeber there are still lights at the intersection of the outbound causeway and about 27th in Ship Bottom/Brant Beach border (that one gets me all the time)

Submitted By Dsve on October 16, 2009
Last week.

Submitted By Travel Boss on October 16, 2009
Thanks. I wasn't sure when they did. I will be traveling through up to Barnegate tomorrow for the lighthouse challenge.

Submitted By Jesse on July 21, 2010
I really wish there weren't so many traffic lights on L.B.I., and it's so annoying when driving on it during the summer. I hate how there seems to be traffic lights every three blocks on average on L.B.I., and it takes forever to drive to one end of the island as a result, especially with the traffic build-up they unfortunately cause. Is there any chance some of the traffic lights will ever be done away with at some point?

Submitted By Obvious Guy on July 21, 2010
When the population density is getting greater - how could they remove lights? Won't ever happen.

Do you know of any examples of traffic lights being removed and not added?

Visit after Chowderfest - lights go on "flash".

Submitted By Dave on July 21, 2010
Except in BL where they go back to flash shortly after Labor Day.

Submitted By Jesse on July 27, 2010
Well I don't really go to L.B.I. after the summer, since there's not as much to do on it, and all. Still, it's so aggravating that there's so many traffic lights on the Island, and they really don't need that many. I don't get why they have to have a traffic light every few blocks on average, since it builds up traffic, and delays things when you're trying to get to one end of the Island.

In the end, it really isn't necessary, just like how the speed limit should be higher than 35, since nobody really follows that anyway, as most drivers go at least five miles over it. One traffic light every ten blocks would be more reasonable, and wouldn't make you take forever to drive on L.B.I. I also hate how some lights are red, and green at every other traffic light after 12:00, which makes things even more annoying, and aggravating. Those of you on L.B.I. after midnight should know what I'm talking about.

Submitted By The Answer Man on July 27, 2010
The distance between the lights allows people on the bay side to be able to reasonably expect to safely cross the boulevard during the brief gaps in traffic flow. If the lights were further apart, it would be much more dangerous for pedestrians.

Submitted By Dave on July 27, 2010
But with the new "crosswalk at every intersection" law pedestrians are safe crossing virtually anywhere! ;^D

Submitted By The Answer Man on July 27, 2010
Only in Barnegat Light, Dave!

(I saw your winking face emoticon.)

I have seen cases where one lane of traffic stops and the pedestrian crosses in front of the second lane going he same direction - where THAT car hasn't stopped. I feel bad for any child in a stroller, someone is going to get killed.

Submitted By Jesse on July 28, 2010
I also hate that new, stupid pedestrian law too, and I don't get why so many people are stupid enough to try to cross a street with cars coming by, instead of just doing so at the traffic lights, when it's obviously safer. Just because it's a law doesn't mean that everyone is going to follow it, and it's only a matter of time, before someone is killed, thinking they're safe, just because the law is on their side. There's no reason for people to not take advantage of the obvious numerous traffic lights on L.B.I., and it's times like these that my hatred for shoobies only gets stronger. Getting back to the traffic lights, maybe just having no more than one every five blocks would be more reasonable, since there would still be enough to make things safe, while improving traffic flow, and not one every 2-3 blocks, which is way too common on the Island.

It's funny how others think of L.B.I. as a relaxing place, which I find just the exact opposite when it's summer, due to way too many people being on it. The only time that's the case is when the Island is a ghost town during the summer, when you don't have to worry about shoobies taking over L.B.I., with how badly they stress me out, along with other locals, and the Island obviously wouldn't need the ridiciouls amount of traffic lights, if not for them.

I swear that L.B.I. feels like Yankee Stadium being taken over by Red Sox fans during the summer season (as that's how most locals feel about shoobies), and it's no wonder why so many locals start counting the days until summer ends, and want to blow up the bridge during the summer, to prevent the annoying, hostile shoobie takeover, who do nothing but make lives miserable for locals. I wish I had all the money shoobies waste by coming here, and gladly spend ridiciouls prices on stuff, and also force locals to do in the process.

Submitted By Seabreeze on July 28, 2010
That new traffic law for pedestrians could be very dangerous.We are not only looking at the road but have to constantly look on each side of the roads while we are driving. I have seen pedestrians just decide to walk across the street in front of a car without even looking.People need to take precautionary measures crossing the street and not just decide to continue to just walk when they get to a curb without even looking.I happened to see a SUV stop dead short on the right lane and the car in back of the SUV decided to go into the left lane not knowing a person was crossing the street because obviously didn't see the pedestrian because of the SUV blocked the view in front of him. There could have been a potential fatal accident. Just my observation.

Submitted By Mary N. on July 28, 2010
I live in a NJ town that practices this pedestrian right of way, so I know how it works. However, people from other areas don't get it, and cross all over the place, some without looking. I agree, this is an accident waiting to happen, since so many people (both drivers and pedestrians) are often distracted by kids and the stuff they are hauling.

Submitted By Jose on July 28, 2010
Hey Jesse - what's wrong with this picture?

Jesse: "Well I don't really go to L.B.I. after the summer"

and then:

Jesse said: "how badly they stress me out, along with other locals"

Amiga, by your own admission you ain't no local, but someone with your attitude is part of the problem! And it's a good thing you're not a local because I would hate having to spend the other 9 months of the year stuck on a sandbar with the likes of you!

That was one of you more ignorant posts - and believe me, that includes a lot of ignorant posts.

Submitted By Jesse on July 28, 2010
Well I am a local in case you didn't know, as I live on the mainland. What I meant was I don't actually go onto L.B.I. too often during the winter, due to not having many reasons to do so, but I do live very close to it, which still makes me a "local", even if I actually don't actually live on the Island itself anymore (as has been the case, since the spring of 1999). It's during the summer when I'm on L.B.I. a lot more often, mainly due to work, and all, and is of course when I have to deal with those annoying shoobies. The bottom line is that shoobies make lives miserable for a lot of us, and while I understand L.B.I. unfortunately need those pests, there still doesn't have to be nearly as many as there often is, and it's not my fault I have to suffer because of them. I say Islanders should start treating shoobies like Philly fans often treat fans of visiting teams (and I'm sure most of you here know what I mean by this), as that'll definitely keep them away, and not interfere with our lives as much.

Submitted By Jose on July 28, 2010
For someone who "cashed out and ran" you sure are one snobby SOB. Good riddance (although I feel sorry for your mainland neighbors as they must have to listen to you whine endlessly about the good old days when you could afford to live on LBI.) Maybe a good life lesson for you would be to try to meet people individually and not be such a bigot.

Submitted By Seabreeze on July 28, 2010
If I may ask what are shoobies???

Submitted By The Answer Man on July 28, 2010
Google is your friend!

h ttp://

(remove space in "h ttp")

Submitted By Jesse on July 29, 2010
Uhh.....moving off the Island wasn't my decision, as it was my parents (who I still live with, even though I'm in my late 20's, since it's obviously easier, and cheaper for me to do so), so don't blame me for that! I wanted to stay on L.B.I., and I do miss living on it at times, though living on the mainland isn't so bad, especially since it doesn't suffer from "shoobie syndrome" as bad as L.B.I. does. I understand shoobies are a necessary evil, since the Island unfortunately needs them, but there still doesn't have to be so many either. I'll admit that I was sort of glad the economy got bad, since shoobies didn't invade the area as bad as they did in previous summers, and parking, traffic, and prices didn't seem to be as rough as they were in previous summers.

Still, shoobies hurt us in a way too, since gas prices (and prices of other stuff) go up during the summer, and just because shoobies are stupid enough to pay them, doesn't mean that locals are too, not to mention that it's hell to go to L.B.I. during the summer, due to how overcrowded it often is. At the same time, I'm not going to let the ridiciouls amount of tourists stop me from going to, and working on the Island, even if they make doing so very difficult at times. The high prices of gas, and stuff during the summer (as well as having to pay for beach badges too, which isn't cool, and is why I refuse to go to the beach anymore) are one example of a monster that shoobies don't mind feeding, and make us get attacked by, since locals obviously have to pay them as well. It's times like these that I hope the economy doesn't rebound anytime soon, since that thankfully helps keep visiters away from the area, and also keeps prices down for certain things, since the bad economy actually forces people to think, and not glady waste their money, and make lives miserable for others, such as myself, and other locals.

Submitted By Ed on July 29, 2010
Jesse -I don't know which is more torturous - waiting at all those traffic lights or reading your posts.

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