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Restaurants, Food Stores

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Asked By DP on August 18, 2009
Subject: Dunkin Donuts
I was wondering if anyone knew why there is not a Dunkin Donuts on the Island. I was thinking further that there are really no chain stores on the Island with the exception of 7-11, WAWA, and a Subway.

Is there a law or reason that there are no chains? I would figure that a Dunkin Donuts in Beach Haven would make a killing.

Submitted By Dave on August 18, 2009
There are a lot of franchises and/or chains. The Acme market, Dairy Queen, Ritas, and a number of real estate offices are but a few examples. I believe there used to be a Dunkin Donuts in the Chain Lane where the Post Office is now. I think the problem is that - other than Rita's and DQ - most franchises have a requirement to be open all year, and that is a tough time to make a living here.

Submitted By NJ DEWD on August 18, 2009
A law against chains would be unconstitutional. A MAJOR 14th Amendment issue!

Submitted By The Answer Man on August 18, 2009
It is foolish to invest the money in a franchise operation when you are basically dependent on only a 10 week season.

In the case of a donut place, visitors already have a Dunkin Donuts hear their home - when they are on vacation they want something different like a Crust and Crumb Bakery or Marvel's Donuts (just to name two excellent places). They can get Dunkin Donuts anytime at home.

Submitted By Tim on August 18, 2009
You know, last week I was on LBI, and had to drive out to the Honda place on the causeway. I thought for sure I’d pass one Dunkin Donuts somewhere along the way, either on the island or on the causeway. Not one (just a sign that one was coming in the future). I found that very strange… in northern NJ, we have DD’s practically on every corner.

Submitted By Stu K on August 18, 2009
Tom - You don't have to wait. There is a DD tucked away in one of the malls along Rt 72 (by the movies I think)
609) 489-0008
601 Washington Ave Ste N
Manahawkin, NJ 08050

Submitted By NJ DEWD on August 18, 2009
There is one going to put in that new small strip shopping center next to the Chinese buffet.

Submitted By Dave on August 18, 2009
There are two and - as NJ DEWD said - a new one coming on the westbound side. There is one at the corner of Rt 9 and Bay Ave and another in the shopping center by Friday's.

Submitted By The Answer Man on August 18, 2009
While I could be wrong, I think the point of the original question was why isn't there one ON the island - Beach Haven specifically. And that isn't likely to happen. Nor will a lot of people leave the island just to go to a Dunkin Donuts.

Submitted By NJ DEWD on August 19, 2009
Dave, having worked in RE for McDonalds I can tell you that there can be a waiver granted to opening all year long due to circumstances like the Island. In fact, I did a deal on the Ocean City boardwalk right across from Music Pier. McDs opened around early May and shut by early Oct. It actually was a sized down McDs - called an McDonalds Express. It didnt even hit $250,000 in sales and closed down after 3 summers. BK took the spot and made it 5 years. With the capital investment of probably 300K in FF&E (fixtures, furniture & equipment) on the part of the franchisee as well as paying the 7% royalty fee and ad fee of 2% as well as operating costs, it is very difficult for chains to make it in seasonal venues.

Submitted By Dave on August 19, 2009
NJ DEWD - I hear you and recall we had a BK here foe a while but they couldn't make it. I'm not even sure if Subway is still here. They tried to do it all year too..

Submitted By NJ DEWD on August 19, 2009
Yes - Subway is still running.

Submitted By Fran Chize on August 19, 2009
Why is there no Dunkin Donuts? Because LBI already has WAY better than the ordinary crappy chains and their mass produced faux food and beverages. If LBI had more stuff like that, then they'd just be, well... North Jersey - and who wants that? The real question is, why doesn't the rest of the world have a Crust and Crumb, a Cafe Bacio, and a Skipper Dipper?

Submitted By Land Shark on August 21, 2009
Well said Fran Chize......while I love DD coffee, I am not willing to go off the Island and also able to find plenty of other great tasting coffee on the island...try the Meltdown....I have DD every day at home, on vacation I am game for something else.

Submitted By Jose on August 21, 2009
Oh man - thank goodness for the free market! I hate DD coffee! I like their iced coffee but not that hot stuff!

Submitted By NJ DEWD on August 21, 2009
I dont like DD coffee at all. But Wawa YUM YUM.

Submitted By Bajan Gabby on August 30, 2009
To further Fran Chize's point; when in Rome...or Barbados, you can't find KFC or Royal Farms but there is Brenda's Rum Shack. The fried chicken is unbelieveable. In Barbados, you can't find Arthur Treacher's or Mrs. Paul's, but the flying fish in Speightstown is out of this world. The best and oldest rum in the world is Mount Gay -- "The Rum that invented Rum." It can be found in both Barbados and LBI -- now that's a franchise!

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