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Questions about
Water Sports, Boating, Fishing, Crabbing

Where can I catch crabs? posted on May 31, 2017
I don't want to catch crabs. Where are the places I should avoid?
Answers: 0

Crabbing posted on August 13, 2016
Do I and my family need a license to Crab in Long Beach Island
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: August 14, 2016 06:20:26

New to crabbing/fishing posted on May 26, 2015
New to crabbing and new to the LBI area.. Where is the best spots to take my 6 year old son crabbing?

Also, where is the best spot besides the Lighthouse to fish w him?

Oh yeah, we DO NOT have a boat...
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: May 27, 2015 06:08:39

sightseeing boats posted on August 26, 2014
Does anyone know of any sightseeing boats that do a 1-2 tour around the bay? I have heard that some fishing boats do this if they have no fishing charters that day.I am looking for something small that will hold 4-6 passengers. ANy idea of cost for that amount of time?
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: August 27, 2014 14:14:26

Channel to the inlet posted on May 20, 2014
Does anybody know of the condition of Double Creek channel this year? it was quite shallow and impassable at times last year.
Answers: 0

Bridge To Nowhere posted on May 1, 2014
Can anyone tell me the location of the "Bridge to Nowhere"? (Sounds like my last job....but that's another story). Someone suggested it as a fishing spot. Thanks.
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: May 2, 2014 05:54:04

Surf Fishing posted on November 23, 2013
Stripers on the beach yet? It's getting to be that time of year -- anyone in the LBI Surf Fishing Classic? Blue Fin should be running soon as well. Good luck this fall!
Answers: 16 Last Answer Submitted: December 8, 2013 12:29:26

Surf Lessons posted on July 9, 2013
Will be in Beach Haven (near Berkeley) the last week of August into Labor Day. Have kids 13 and 16 looking to take some lessons. Who do you recommend? Thanks.
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: July 9, 2013 11:39:07

Teen activities posted on April 15, 2013
Will there be teen nites at the Ketch? Can parents go with their kids? If so is there cocktails for the adults? I did hear they have a loft area so you can watch your teens from above.
Answers: 14 Last Answer Submitted: April 29, 2013 18:45:50

morrison's marina posted on November 8, 2012
is morrisson's marina still there
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: November 8, 2012 12:09:20

Missing boat from Marine Max posted on November 7, 2012
I had my 2006 220 Sundeck pulled at Marine Max Brandt Beach Saturday October 27th, and that night is was blocked and sitting in their yard. The name is "Irish Ayes', it has black covers and a gold hull. Has anybody seen it?
Answers: 0

Lost Sunfish posted on November 7, 2012
We have lost our Sunfish sailboat, it was in the garage on 17th st. bayside, North Beach Haven...garage is now gone and so is our boat...anyone who may have it or have seen it, please call 484-319-1467, Thanks, cash reward involved.
Answers: 0

Lost 28 Boston Whaler posted on November 5, 2012
Looking for 28 walk around Whaler from Brant Beach "Appy Hour" twin merc 250's
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: November 6, 2012 07:03:31

Lost Boats on LBI from Sandy posted on November 4, 2012
I lost a white laser, with a black # 1 on the bow in the storm. It was tied to a bulkhead in High Bar Harbor, and partially submerged - and broke free in the storm. If found, please call 215-595-8360. Thanks!
Answers: 0

crabbing posted on August 28, 2012
i am taking my girlfriend and her mother crabbing in the bay next week and was wondering if anyone could tell me where some good spots to drop my traps. we are planning on renting a boat from down there on the causeway. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: September 3, 2012 17:24:02

fishing posted on July 21, 2012
Where can I go on LBI to fish without going on a charter on the ocean or renting a boat? I just want to fish in the bay from land.
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: August 12, 2013 10:18:24

where to fish posted on July 10, 2012
Where is the best place to fish on LBI without a boat?
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: July 11, 2012 11:02:21

Parking my boat posted on July 9, 2012
I have been searching, and I see some marinas offer daily rates for docking the boat for the day, but are there any public docks for boat parking for hourly or daily rates? Where is the best place to park my boat to go to the beach. I prefer Beach haven, but would go to any beach on the island.
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: July 11, 2012 09:30:50

crabbing posted on March 21, 2012
how is crabbing in mid to late june
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: March 28, 2012 13:03:14

Best spot for crabbing on LBI ? posted on July 11, 2011
Can anyone tell me where there is a good spot on LBI for crabbing ? Also do I need a license for a simple box trap ? If so, where can I get one on LBI ?
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: July 22, 2011 10:42:50

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