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organic milk posted on August 4, 2010
does any market sell organic milk? if so where? we are staying in loveladies
Answers: 15 Last Answer Submitted: August 23, 2010 16:31:18

Callahan's won't let children use bathroom! posted on August 1, 2010
Callahan's restaurant refused to let my 3 year old use the bathroom the other night. Although I was not a diner and understand that many establishments frown upon letting those not eating there use their restrooms, I carried in my child who needed to go to the bathroom. I was refused, being told that it was the dinner shift. I did not stay long enough to inquire further. When I did get home, I called and asked to speak with the manager. I asked for her name, which she refused to give me, and then proceeded to hang up on me numerous times stating that I was screaming at her. I was not. WIth each hang up I did get more upset but I was not yelling at her. I wanted to understand what had happened. I finally spoke with her and she told me there have been numerous times diners, elderly and young, have had accidents where the dining room needed to be cleared out. When it was my time to explain why i was upset, she kept cutting me off and finally hung up on me. After coming to this wonderful family oriented island for 20 years I was so upset and saddened by this reaction. Even if this is the policy of the restaurant, the way in which the manager handeled it was horrible. Patrons should know!
Answers: 41 Last Answer Submitted: February 3, 2011 02:13:33

real italian deli posted on July 20, 2010
last year i remember a authentic Italian deli not far from fantasy island, I think they were new last year, any ideas? I cant remember the name
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: July 23, 2010 09:00:17

the gables posted on July 20, 2010
can anyone tell me about pricing at the gables?
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: July 20, 2010 10:25:26

food market posted on July 16, 2010
Is there a market where I can order gourmet sanwiches and salads? We'll be celebrating my husbands birthday and I think it might be easier to order in than to have a long wait at a restaurant as we have very young grandchildren( 5 under 5yrs old)
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: July 16, 2010 15:22:11

Bisque posted on July 11, 2010
Has anyone tried Bisque in the new locatio?---- how is the food,service and prices compared to what they were at their old location??
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: August 18, 2010 19:13:21

What is it...... posted on July 8, 2010
Has anyone seen those things floating in the water that look like baked potatos? I saw a few in Beach Haven near Center Street this morning. What are they?
Answers: 6 Last Answer Submitted: May 12, 2018 03:04:45

Howard's posted on July 5, 2010
What can you tell me about Howard's seafood? Food? Service? Cost? Thanks!
Answers: 7 Last Answer Submitted: August 18, 2010 15:05:47

Seafood posted on July 5, 2010
We had the best Opah we've ever eaten from Cassidy's this past weekend. The tuna was to die for too!
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: July 9, 2010 19:08:03

How's Business? posted on June 30, 2010
I have been down on LBI since Sat for the first of two weeks and it seems that most restaurants are slower then I remember in years past. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just nuts? It would be great to hear from some owners or people that work in the biz!
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: July 2, 2010 22:34:15

Boar's Head Cold Cuts posted on June 22, 2010
I know of three delis where you can buy Boar's Head cold cuts in Surf City. Does anyone know where they are sold in the southern part of the island ?-- especially near North Beach Haven, Haven Beach, Brant Beach. Thanks!
Answers: 8 Last Answer Submitted: July 3, 2010 00:42:08

Beach Haven Restaurants posted on June 11, 2010
Hi All,

I've been going to LBI with my family for many years. For the past few years, we've stayed in Ship Bottom, but this year we'll be in Beach Haven. Could anyone recommend some good restaurants (preferably ones with take-out)?

Answers: 18 Last Answer Submitted: July 13, 2012 13:30:15

Marvel's Market Employees posted on June 10, 2010
Anyone out there who worked at Marvel's? I did between 1965-1973. Check out the Facebook page I have created called Marvel's Market Past Employees.
Answers: 0

restaurants posted on June 9, 2010
Are there any new restaurants in Ship Bottom or Surf City?
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: June 21, 2011 14:47:53

LBI Restaurant deals posted on June 7, 2010
For budget friendly dining:

Through 6/7, take 70% off dining certificates at via code EAT. For example, a $25 gift certificate, which sells for $10, is now only $3 and a $10 certificate which sells for $4 is $1.20.
There are three deals for two LBI restaurants: one is for The Sandpiper Restaurant in Surf City( a dinner deal) "Minimum purchase of $50. 18% Gratuity added prior to discount. Excludes: Holidays/Special Events, Other Offers/Promotions. Present prior to ordering. Not valid towards Early Bird. Reservations required Sunday- Friday in June, July and August ."
Sooo you'd pay three bucks for a $25 certificate thus save $22 off your dinner bill of $50 plus tax and tip. That' s a nice savings! Plus two deals for Greehouse Cafe in Shipbottom (breakfast deal and dinner deal)
Remember: READ THE FINE PRINT before you buy and don't forget to use the code EAT at checkout to get the 70%off savings at
Bon appetit!
Answers: 10 Last Answer Submitted: June 12, 2010 19:43:03

Tuckers posted on June 6, 2010
It was a sad evening for me yesterday. We went to Tuckers for Happy Hour. Drinks were still half price and they still have the $5 appetizer menu BUT they no longer offer the Tomato Bruschetta for $5. :-( So it was not a real good HAPPY HOUR for me.
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: June 8, 2010 17:12:46

Chegg posted on June 5, 2010
Just got back from having dinner at Chicken or the Egg. While we were there they were filming an episode of Man VS Food. Adam Richman was sitting across the isle from my daughter. FUN.
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: June 11, 2010 00:10:39

The Boathouse Restaurant posted on May 25, 2010
Do you know if the Boathouse Restaurant in Beach Haven will be opened for the Memorial Day Weekend. I have not seen any advertisements in the Sandpaper.
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: May 26, 2010 08:46:54

Sweet Vidalia posted on May 24, 2010
Does anyone know if Sweet Vidalia restaurant will be open this season? When we were down a week ago it didn't look as if they were planning to open any time soon.

Thanks for any information you can give me about this place.
Answers: 6 Last Answer Submitted: July 1, 2010 21:15:23

Fresh Seafood posted on May 3, 2010
Good friends of mine attended a wedding on LBI this past weekend and I asked them to pick up some scallops and clams from Cassidy's. Wow! We ate them last night -- scallops sautéed' in clarified garlic butter, along with clams on the half and some steamed clams. We now live in Annapolis and can not find this quality unless we come home to the Island. Please take advantage if you enjoy seafood.
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: May 4, 2010 22:23:27

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