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Questions about
Restaurants, Food Stores

Easter brunch posted on April 2, 2012
Does anyone know of any good restaurants on the island or surrounding areas that are having brunch on Easter Sunday?
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: April 3, 2012 18:29:50

Chinese Restaurants posted on March 8, 2012
Hi All, I was looking around LBI and I was surprised to see that there are still no Chinese restaurants on LBI. We come down to LBI every year for 2 weeks and while we like most of the restaurants we visit, sometimes a little change is nice too. Does anyone know why there are no Chinese restaurants on LBI? Is it just not a summer beach thing?
Answers: 25 Last Answer Submitted: May 10, 2012 20:14:42

New Kid on the Block posted on February 25, 2012
Just read in this weeks Sandpaper that Beach Haven Borough will be getting a new, rather large Italian restaurant in town. Any thoughts on this one? Also can anyone tell us if any construction has been started yet at the Morrision's site? Any updates on what will be happening with The Tucker's property?
Answers: 17 Last Answer Submitted: September 5, 2018 22:28:57

Morrison's Rebuild? posted on February 2, 2012
Any further news on this scenario that I read about in the SandPaper late fall? There was some discussion about Morrison's buying Tucker's liquor license to wheel it there because Tucker's was purportedly selling to a home builder. IF Tucker's remains, is there an extra license in Beach Haven Boro - how is that package good store behind the Marlin doing? Or that license wouldn't count since it is package goods.
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: February 2, 2012 09:24:30

T-Cone posted on December 8, 2011
My parents used to rent a place on 18th oceanside in Ship Bottom and we loved the ice cream shop up the street -- t cone! It was right across the street from Hanamann's -- what's there now?
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: December 20, 2011 22:53:56

Marvels Donuts posted on August 24, 2011
Their is an article in the APP with the recipe for his donuts.
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: August 25, 2011 13:25:15

Show Place Ice cream posted on August 4, 2011
Hi.. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what day is best to go to the Showplace.. when it is not the busiest? We have tried several times, but the wait it too long for our small children. Any ideas? Thanks!
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: August 5, 2011 10:37:21

bagel stores posted on July 19, 2011
Just wondering if anyone else had a bad experience at the bagel store on Centre street. We decided to get a quick breakfast and had the worst bagels we ever had. We ordered two bagels and two coffees and had to wait on the side of the building for 10 minutes before it was ready and there was no one else in front of us. There were three people working there and the older woman was very nasty. When we got the bagels, they were horrible, barely cooked. We threw them in the garbage and went next door to the Gables for brunch. Can anyone recommend a good bagel store on the island? we usually stay in Beach Haven or Surf City.
Answers: 17 Last Answer Submitted: August 4, 2011 02:18:01

Barnegat Bay clams posted on July 10, 2011
I know Barnegat Bay is not in the best of shape.I was wondering, are the clams you purchase at seafood shops from Barnegat bay?
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: July 13, 2011 22:48:11

train restaurant posted on June 30, 2011
What happened to the train restaurant on LBI?
Answers: 10 Last Answer Submitted: September 9, 2012 22:29:15

Our LBI Dining Experience posted on June 20, 2011
Hello all! We came down to LBI this past weekend for the first time ever and in the spirit of following others examples I thought I would share my dining experiences with everyone. We stayed at the Mariner hotel around 34th Street (I think) so most of our reviews are about restaurants near the hotel. We got down on Friday night and ate dinner at the Terrace Tavern which we found to be over priced and not at all worth the money. Saturday morning we ate at the Dockside Diner which was very busy and despite the long wait for our food, it was good and it was served hot. We ate lunch on Saturday at the California Grill and found that to be very good as well. We had pizza that was hot and crisp...just the way I like it! Saturday night we ate dinner at the Beachside Café and found that to be excellent. Not very busy but it was enjoyable and the food was great! Sunday morning we ate breakfast at the Beachside again and enjoyed that as much as dinner the previous night. We went back to the California Grill for lunch on Sunday and had sandwiches that were also very good. It is good to see consistency in the local restaurants. Sunday night we went to Robertos for dinner and although pricy, we loved it and thought it was worth the money. All in all it was a great weekend on LBI...We will be back for sure!
Answers: 9 Last Answer Submitted: June 28, 2011 23:09:22

Review posted on June 3, 2011
Can we have Dinah Roundashore or someone possibly give a review of the new Bakery that opened in Ship Bottom? Looking forward to my vacation and taking a long walk early in the morning to get a fresh donut as a reward.
Answers: 12 Last Answer Submitted: May 10, 2012 20:03:40

Shore Good Donuts posted on May 22, 2011
set to open in the old Sun Bank at 12th & Blvd. in Ship Bottom. Any idea on opening date?
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: May 31, 2011 13:16:05

Fast Food posted on May 22, 2011
How come there isn't Fast food Chain's on the island like [MC,Donalds,Burger King, Dairy Queen etc
Answers: 21 Last Answer Submitted: June 3, 2011 05:36:24

No More Sandpiper!? posted on May 19, 2011
I was driving to my house today and saw a "For Lease" sign on The Sandpiper restaurant in Surf City. I tried it a couple of times and it seemed ok to me...anyone know what happened?
Answers: 6 Last Answer Submitted: July 9, 2011 08:05:58

Is Nathans in Ship Bottom Still Open? posted on May 16, 2011
I was wondering because it seemed they were struggling their first year.
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: May 22, 2011 21:15:45

SurfCity Hotel!!!!! Bad Dinner on Mother's Day wee posted on May 7, 2011
I have not had dinner at the Surf City Hotel in years and so I thought I would take my mother there for dinner this year. Big mistake... First we ordered raw clams on the half and they were the size of quarters (witch I think is under the legal limit)I then ordered the 8oz Prime Rib which had 5oz of fat and 3oz of meat. The meat itself was good but very thin. I mentioned this to the waitress and they bring me out another paper thin prime rib. It was like "Screw you and then Screw you again" After the Hostess and the cook came out and apologized, they removed the meal from the bill. The only good out of this is we will discuss this Mother's Day for years. I hope they get their shit together.
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: May 8, 2011 22:02:48

The Chocolate Bar posted on May 5, 2011
Learned a couple of weeks ago that The Chocolate Bar was closed. Faria's is taking over the spot for now.

Supposedly, Farias is going to have a satellite store until they decide to do something similar to a coffee shop.

Not sure if that's going to happen .
...anyone know anything details?
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: May 8, 2011 09:22:35

Bageleddies posted on February 18, 2011
Bageleddies has been closed for the last couple of days. Does anyone know what is going on there?
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: February 21, 2011 19:54:56

Restaurants on LBI - Top 5 posted on February 14, 2011
Since everyone has an opinion about restaurants on LBI, why don't we list some of our favorite top 5?
Here is my list (1 - best):

1 - Gables
2 - Yellowfin
3 - Bisque
4 - Pinziminio
5 - Black Whale

Honorable Mention:
1 - Plantation
2 - Roberto's
3 - Harvey Cedar's Clam Shack (in Beach Haven)
4 - Daddy O's
5 - O'Malley's Pizza

Answers: 26 Last Answer Submitted: April 30, 2011 20:04:18

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