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Questions about
Directions and Transportation

causeway bridge posted on August 18, 2007
i know this has been generally discussed on this forum before but i have a specific question. at one point someone asked if the bridge would be widen during the upcoming renovations. Answer man replied - what good would it do since it has to go to two lanes anyway (or something to that effect - not a direct quote). i did notice that as you come on the island, it can support three lanes and in some parts by the cvs it is three lanes. one goes north on the island one goes south and one goes in either direction. this is honest question so please dont throw insults as is often done on this board. if my facts are wrong, just tell me. i just want to understand and explore if there is a way to reduce the causeway traffic.
Answers: 6 Last Answer Submitted: May 12, 2018 02:52:37

Bus and Taxi posted on August 16, 2007
Hi - I'd like to take a NJT bus from Penn Station to LBI and back, but I know the closest they drop off is Rte. 9 and 72 in Manahawkin. From there, I think the only way to get onto the Island is cab or car service. Question is, has anyone done it, and how much does THAT cost? Thanks.
Answers: 11 Last Answer Submitted: September 16, 2007 01:25:25

buses posted on August 10, 2007
Do you have a bus or any transportation that goes from Pennsylvania to LBI directly?
Thank You
Answers: 10 Last Answer Submitted: September 3, 2008 05:04:02

Transportation from Newark Airport posted on August 3, 2007
Is there public transportation from Newark Airport to Long Beach Island?
Answers: 220 Last Answer Submitted: December 13, 2016 06:42:18

rental cars posted on July 24, 2007
Is there a car rental agency on the island? What is the name and phone #? Thanks!
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: July 24, 2007 16:57:15

Jitney service posted on July 22, 2007
Does anyone know about the new jitney serice on the island?Will the Nardies bus picup or dropoff at other bars? thanks
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: September 11, 2014 23:52:16

directions from phila posted on July 19, 2007
how do i get there from here phila pa 19149 zip code
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: July 20, 2007 16:56:55

directions from delaware posted on July 13, 2007
how to get to LBI from Delaware. Quickest route.
Thank you
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: July 13, 2007 13:14:20

Crossing the causeway posted on June 28, 2007
We usually cross the causeway by 8am to avoid Saturday rental traffic. We can't get there that early this year. Can anyone suggest another good time to cross on a Saturday?
Answers: 13 Last Answer Submitted: July 29, 2007 03:26:13

The Causeway Project posted on June 21, 2007
Whatever happened to the causeway project everyone was talking about back in 2005? I know the state is looking to repair the causeway, but at one time they were talking about major improvements.
Answers: 13 Last Answer Submitted: June 28, 2007 06:12:50

Harvey Cedars posted on June 4, 2007
How do I get there from central New Hampshire? My step-daughter and husband have rented a house for a week this month and have asked us to visit for a couple of days. Can you supply directions?
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: June 5, 2007 07:36:40

What time to leave? posted on May 23, 2007
What time do you think we should leave from north nj to get a jump on the traffic on Sat. morning this weekend? Takes us 2 hours to get there no traffic. Oh yes, also maybe someone can answer this. If you happen to live by or pass the Buccanner Motel do you kow if the OUTDOOR pool is open? They're being a bit vague about whether it will be open this weekend and my kids REALLY want to know. THANKS!
Answers: 16 Last Answer Submitted: May 26, 2007 20:42:07

Road Conditions posted on May 22, 2007
Coming down this weekend and was wondering if the recent brush fires in the Pine Barrens have created any closures or detours along GSP, Rte 579 or Rte 72.
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: May 22, 2007 17:11:04

ship schedule to atlantic posted on May 21, 2007
I am going to a Jimmy Buffett show on 6/30,at 8:00 I wanted to know if any boats are going to ac about that time & going back to the island around 11:00,Thank you for your time
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: May 21, 2007 13:37:44

transporation posted on September 28, 2005
is this island accessible by njt
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: September 28, 2005 11:26:11

The new causeway project posted on September 21, 2005
Here is an update about the causeway bridge. As I predicted - the estimated cost is already going way up!
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: September 22, 2005 07:51:42

By Bus To LBI from the Bricktown area posted on September 20, 2005
trying to get a friend here from Brick town, seems to be a bus from lakewood but s that s it. any suugestions would be greatly appreciated.
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: September 20, 2005 15:53:51

Mileage from Surf City to Holgate posted on August 29, 2005
How many miles is it from the 5&10 in Surf City to Holgate? And, how many miles is it from the 5&10 to Barnegat Light? Thanks!!
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: August 31, 2005 09:02:19

Directions posted on August 29, 2005
How can I get to the island from Boston.
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: September 3, 2005 19:14:34

Ferry to Atlantic City posted on August 26, 2005
Is there a ferry that goes to Atlantic City from Long Beach Island
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: August 26, 2005 18:52:28

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