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Questions about
Directions and Transportation

Gas posted on July 3, 2010
How much is gas on the island?
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: July 3, 2010 20:37:18

Getting to Atlantic City posted on July 2, 2010
How can I get to AC from LBI to catch a bus back to NYC?
Answers: 6 Last Answer Submitted: July 5, 2010 10:42:23

train travel from NYC posted on June 23, 2010
I heard that you can get a train to Atlantic City from NYC. Does anyone know about this? And how long of a drive is it from LBI to AC? Thanks
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: June 24, 2010 15:21:14

Memorial day traffic posted on May 5, 2010
We are coming down Memorial Day weekend. Was wondering when the traffic started building up. We plan on arriving on Friday morning. Any ideas/advice/experience? Thanks in advance for your help.

Answers: 12 Last Answer Submitted: May 10, 2010 03:16:27

Trolley posted on March 29, 2010
Is there still a trolley on the island for transportation or is there any other transportation avaiable once you are on the island?
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: April 1, 2010 15:25:15

Length of Island posted on February 20, 2010
How long is the island in total miles wise?
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: February 22, 2010 06:02:55

Storm posted on February 7, 2010
Did it snow on LBI this weekend?
Answers: 13 Last Answer Submitted: February 14, 2010 19:04:30

Hilliard Road Construction? posted on December 20, 2009
What's with the construction going on, on Hilliard Boulevard in Manahawkin? It's been going on for a while now, and what are they doing there? How much longer is it supposed to be going on for? It's really becoming annoying, with the traffic delays on that road, to say the least!
Answers: 13 Last Answer Submitted: May 1, 2010 01:50:30

Traffic Lights posted on October 16, 2009
Around what date do the traffic lights change over to blinking yellow?
Answers: 65 Last Answer Submitted: August 2, 2014 15:23:14

When was Google Here? posted on October 11, 2009
Google Street View of LBI is finally here. (Only The main roads)

Can anyone tell what day it was recorded? Some places are closed (Fantasy Island, Chowda signs are up, but what specific day?)

Have Fun
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: October 12, 2009 11:21:17

Cost of Taxi posted on September 10, 2009
How much the it cost for Taxi Service from Manahawkin to Long Beach Island.
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: September 22, 2009 17:04:36

how to get to LBI posted on July 28, 2009
Directions from albany new york to LBI
Answers: 12 Last Answer Submitted: August 15, 2009 09:49:20

Atlantic City posted on July 21, 2009
Has anyone taken over the Black Whales' Atlantic City run? I miss Deb and her maverick ways.
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: July 22, 2009 10:45:01

Best time to leave NYC posted on July 8, 2009
Hello! I have a Sat-Sat rental house in Beach Haven for a week this summer. Will I avoid traffic going onto the island by leaving NYC at 8am on Saturday, or is that too late?
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: July 28, 2009 08:47:51

Bridge Work Postponed posted on June 24, 2009
TRENTON The state Department of Transportation announced this morning it will postpone making improvements to the Route 72 Dorland J. Henderson Memorial Bridge.

The department had previously planned limited single-lane closures of the Route 72 causeway from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday through Thursday starting on July 20.

The closures were associated with a project that will rehabilitate the bridge by repairing the deck and applying an overlay to protect it from deterioration.

In recent weeks, both local and county officials have expressed concerns about performing the improvements during the busy summer tourism season.

"June, July and August are vital tourism months for the Jersey Shore communities on Long Beach Island,'' said Governor Jon S. Corzine in a statement. "We respect the concerns of Ocean County residents, officials and business owners and will move construction on the Route 72 causeway until after the summer season."

The construction will be rescheduled for after Labor Day, and NJDOT will provide comprehensive information including a revised construction schedule to business owners, elected officials and community members as details are available.

Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: June 24, 2009 13:11:26

Paving the Bridge posted on June 23, 2009
I just read the article in the,pg 16 regarding the repaving of the bridge starting JULY 17! Great timing, but they say it won't disrupt traffic because it will only be done "Monday through Thursday". What?
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: June 23, 2009 13:08:37

Labor Day Buses? posted on May 30, 2009
Hi! I need to get my mother in law out to LBI on Labor Day from the buses run? I'm not having much luck finding out...any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated! Many thanks!
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: May 31, 2009 22:29:40

Why????? posted on May 12, 2009
Why can't people be more thoughtful about their questions. I, for one, am tired of the repeats and the pointless questions. How can we control this and improve this forum?
Answers: 5 Last Answer Submitted: May 19, 2009 10:57:06

Well????? posted on February 2, 2009
Is there a store called Hands and Feet on the island? My friend said I could buy a sand chair and candles there. Where is it?
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: February 5, 2009 19:07:16

Bus Service on LBI posted on December 29, 2008
Hi...I would like more information about that bus service that I think if you pay one price, you get to ride the bus all day? Does it ride up and down LBI all day and night long? Are there specific bus stops or do you flag the bus down? Lets say I am staying in Beach Haven and I want to shop in Ship Bottom. Is there a bus that could pick me up, take me to Ship Bottom and then get me back to where I am staying in Beach Haven? I think what I am trying to say is would I be stranded in Ship Bottom for a long period of time before the bus comes around to pick me up? Is there a schedule with this bus? I know about the Atlantic City bus. That has specific times and pick up places. Does this general bus (or is it a trolley maybe?) do the same? Any information or contact information or anybody who actually used this bus would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Answers: 9 Last Answer Submitted: January 7, 2009 14:34:51

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