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Grocery store on LBI?? posted on July 14, 2007
Is there a BIG grocery store on LBI? (like Acme, Stop'n Shop, Shoprite...)If not, can anybody tell me where is the closest one? Going on vacation with small kids is always a problem--they're high-maintenance...:-) Thank you!
Answers: 11 Last Answer Submitted: July 18, 2007 09:51:13

steaks posted on July 11, 2007
Any recommendations for a good place for steaks?
Answers: 15 Last Answer Submitted: April 9, 2008 11:57:47

Organic produce posted on July 9, 2007
Does anyone know of a market on the island that sells organic produce? I usually go to Murphy's and they don't have any. Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!
Answers: 12 Last Answer Submitted: July 12, 2007 13:37:56

New Chef posted on July 8, 2007
Was at The Spray Beach Inn around a month ago.This has always been one of our favorite places to eat over the years.This year they have a new chef.I waited to see how a few of our friends liked it.Unfortunately they had the same opinion we had.So as much as i hate to say its off our list for now,maybe next year will be better.
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: July 21, 2007 09:04:15

Express Restaurant posted on July 7, 2007
What happened to the Express? Sis it move? If so, whwere?
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: July 7, 2007 14:51:39

Dining posted on July 6, 2007
My wife and I are coming down for the night next Saturday. We would like to eat at a nice restaurant (preferrably seafood) that has a view/outdoor dining? Is there such a place on the water?
Answers: 11 Last Answer Submitted: July 10, 2007 14:27:19

Marvels Market and Holiday Snack Bar posted on July 4, 2007
The best food on the entire Island and always was is Holiday Snack Bars hamburgers with their special sauce and Marvels Market donuts. Marvels is gone :( but the donuts are still there across the street. Who has memories of these two places?
Answers: 23 Last Answer Submitted: March 16, 2011 11:33:31

The Boat House posted on July 1, 2007
Anyone been to the Boat House this season? It has always been a family fav but the last few years has gone down hill. Anyone with a similar experience? Thanks!
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: July 16, 2007 13:10:35

coffee shops posted on June 30, 2007
We will be staying in Ship Bottom from July7-14. Any coffee shops nearby?
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: March 26, 2009 12:42:25

Best of the Best posted on June 22, 2007
Ok let's hear it LBI residents and visitors, where is the BEST place to eat this year? I would like some suggestions on both up-scale and casual....thank you!
Answers: 12 Last Answer Submitted: April 9, 2008 12:01:32

Wheel House posted on June 15, 2007
My family and I have been coming to LBI for over 28 years. For many,many years we ordered take out from The Wheel House in Ship Bottom. They went out of business a few years ago and we miss them VERY much. Do you know if the owner/s have a new restaurant? If so where and the name.
Answers: 3 Last Answer Submitted: June 28, 2007 11:39:44

Black Whale posted on June 13, 2007
We've dined at the Black Whale restaurant over the last couple of summers and enjoyed it. I heard it was going to move to another location in Beach Haven. Does anyone know if it has, where it is now, and if its menu is the same. Has anyone eaten there?
Answers: 2 Last Answer Submitted: June 13, 2007 20:13:02

Frosted Mug? posted on June 9, 2007
I was just down in Beach Haven today for a day trip, and couldn't believe that the Frosted Mug was closed and for sale! Does anyone know the story there?
Answers: 10 Last Answer Submitted: August 16, 2007 12:58:28

Where to eat posted on June 5, 2007
just wanted to get some input on resturants, I heard Raimondo's is a must, and lower scale Harvey Cedars Shellfish? Are these good choices? Thanks
Answers: 9 Last Answer Submitted: November 23, 2009 19:43:54

Take out? posted on June 5, 2007
My sister and I will be traveling to LBI (Beach Haven) for a week with three toddlers. We figure we'll do take-out later at night after the kids are asleep. Other than M&M Steam Bar and Beach Haven fishery, are there any other restaurants that are normally "sit down" that will let you do takeout too (i.e. Howards)?

Answers: 14 Last Answer Submitted: June 15, 2007 08:40:51

WOW @ Quarterdeck!! posted on June 4, 2007
WOW! What a job Chris Vernon is doing with the Quarterdeck. Did you see the beautiful palms he planted! It looks great! But I'm confused - doesn't he intend to tear it down in a few years to do the Baldwin Hotel? Thats a lot of money for two years! I'm hoping he keeps the concept of the buffet - we need some reasonably priced places! I heard it opens June 30th or July 1, 2007.
Answers: 23 Last Answer Submitted: July 16, 2018 16:00:57

New Sushi restaurant posted on May 23, 2007
There is a new Sushi place around 15th street in Ship Bottom, anyone try it? Isn't it kind of bizarre to have one of those on the island when there is an 18 mile long sushi buffet a block or two east?
Answers: 4 Last Answer Submitted: May 31, 2007 05:03:33

Old Montebello space posted on May 21, 2007
Has the restaurant that took over Montebello's old spot on RT. 72 opened yet? Any word on what type of restaurant it is?
Answers: 1 Last Answer Submitted: May 21, 2007 16:40:36

how ya brewin? posted on May 10, 2007
Hi .... whatever happened to how ya brewin' coffee shop... we loved it and are so sorry it's gone ...

Answers: 20 Last Answer Submitted: August 9, 2007 17:30:14

Blue Water Cafe Opens When? posted on May 7, 2007
When is the new Blue Water Cafe supposed to open? It looked nice driving by it Sunday afternoon.
Answers: 9 Last Answer Submitted: July 15, 2007 21:48:53

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