The Exchange Club

of Long Beach Island


Exchange is an all-volunteer, national service organization for men and women who want to serve their community,
develop leadership skills and enjoy new friendships. Exchange is made up of some 1,200 clubs and 40,000 members
throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Exchange is known to millions as Americas Service Club, and with good reason. From our organizations earliest days,
Exchange Clubs have been unselfshly serving their communities and improving the quality of life. The diverse array of
Exchange- sponsored programs and projects has made a considerable impact on Ameria thus enhancing the lives of
countless men, women and children across the nation.


The first local Exchange Club was formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1911. The second was the
Exchange Club of Toledo, Ohio formed in 1913. Subsequently, two others were organized in
Grand Rapids, Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio. These four clubs were the first to be chartered by
The National Exchange Club after it was organized as a nonprofit, educational organization in
1917. Since then hundreds of clubs have been chartered in the United States and Puerto Rico.
The National Exchange Club headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio. Its cheif objective is to help
Exchange Clubs realize their full potential of community service.


Clubs sponsor a wide range of activities to improve our communities, help the disadvantaged, and encourage good
American citizenship. The principal areas of Exchange's National Program of Service are Youth, Americanism, and
Community Service, with Child Abuse Prevention emphasized as the national project. Members also initiate activities to
meet unique local needs. This may be anything from raising funds for the homeless to building and staffing a sheltered
workshop for the disabled.

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