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General Information
Long Beach Township consists of approximately 12 miles of non-contiguous area on Long Beach Island. For information about the individual communities of Long Beach Township, use the links to the left.

The Long Beach Island School District consists of The Ethel A. Jacobsen Elementary School in Surf City and the The Long Beach Island Grade School in Ship Bottom. The schools serve all the communities on the island except Beach Haven which has its own school system. The island has no high school, so children attend the upper grades in mainland schools.

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Other important Web Sites for Long Beach Township:
Long Beach Township Police Department
Long Beach Township Beach Patrol
Long Beach Island School District

Extension Numbers for other Offices:

Beach Patrol: 260
Building Inspector: 294
Collector of Taxes: 291
Commissioner of Public Safety: 221
Commissioner of Public Works: 269
Court Clerk: 295
Engineer: 264
Health Department: 250
Mayor's Office: 210
Municipal Clerk: 218
Tax Assessor: 290

Lifeguards patrol all of the township's beaches from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily from June 21 through Labor Day.
The southern beaches are wider and smoother, while the northern beaches are narrow. Bayside beaches are located in Brant Beach at BayView Park (68th Street) and in Beach Haven Terrace.
BayView Park is located across from the Township's Municipal Buildings and has bathroom and parking facilities.

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During the summer, parking is available on most side streets. There are handicapped parking areas located near the beach entrance ramps on many streets.
BayView Park in Brant Beach has a parking lot.
Holgate has a municipal parking lot, but you will have to pay a fee.

Facilities are available in Brant Beach at BayView Park, in Loveladies at Harbor South and in Holgate.

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