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NOTICE: LBInet Classifieds are meant to serve the Long Beach Island, New Jersey area. If your ad does not involve the LBI area, IT WILL BE DELETED!

Posting an Ad on LBInet is FREE.
However, you may wish to pay for a PREMIUM AD.

PREMIUM ADS are placed at the top of each category. How much you pay for the ad is up to you! For more information, read the PREMIUM AD Section on the Classifieds Home Page.

All LBInet Classifieds Ads are posted for three (3) months. After the three month period, ads are automatically deleted. You may also use your e-mail and password to edit or delete the ad before it is automatically deleted. For PREMIUM ADS, you can extend the ad or increase your bid at any time.

In order to keep LBInet's Classified system as professional and easy to read as possible, please use the following guidelines before you submit your ad.

  • This is the big one! Do not spam LBInet Classifieds.
    • Submit your ad only to the most appropriate categories. Example: If you are a business looking for summer help, only submit your ad under "Help Wanted" not under "Looking for Work".
    • Do not submit multiple ads for the same offer in any one category.
  • Do not waste valuable ad space by listing your e-mail or website address in the ad text. You have the option to have the addresses displayed using the form below.
  • Please do not use all capital letters in your ad. On the Internet, this is considered screaming and is not appropriate.
  • Your ad must be specific. Example: If you are a Real Estate professional and have a property for sale or rent, you can list that property. You may list more the one if all are different listings. However, You can not use the classifieds for general advertising. Example: "XYZ Realty has many summer rentals still available. Call 1234567." I can't let this continue. This is unfair to my advertisers.
  • Finally, if you already have ads running and they are no longer needed, please use our Delete Ad option to erase the ad or Contact LBInet to request the deletion of your ad.

If you would like to advertise your site or have a web site built for you, Contact LBInet.

Complete the form to place your ad in the LBInet Classifieds.
All fields are required except URL and Price.
If you are placing a PREMIUM AD, enter a price.

What is your name?

What is your e-mail address?

NEW!!! - By default, we are no longer displaying e-mail addresses with the ads. This is to protect your privacy, as webpages are scanned to collect e-mail addresses for SPAMMING. If you wish your e-mail address to be displayed with your ad, Check the box.

Display E-Mail Address

Please enter a password.
Your password will allow you to edit or delete ads you have posted.

Reenter your password for confirmation.

What is the web address of your home page (URL)? (Optional)
If you leave a valid URL, others will be able to click on your URL and visit your Web Page. Make sure to include "http://" with your web address.

In which category do you wish your ad to be listed?

Type in a Title for your ad.
It should be from 2 to 5 words and to the point. Some examples would be: House For Sale, Maintenance Position Available, Cleaning Service, Want to Buy.

Please type your ad (500 characters maximum) you would like to appear along with your entry on our Classifieds Page. Do Not use HTML tags.

If you wish to pay for your ad, enter the amount in the textbox.
To have your ad appear at the top of a category, you will have to pay an amount higher than the highest paid ad presently listed in that category.

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