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LBInet Photos Copyright Information

Copyright and Ownership

Transferring an image or digital file of an image or photograph to the LBInet server(s) via the Internet may also be defined by the words submitting or uploading.

A person submitting or uploading a photograph or image to LBInet Photos (The Submitter) retains the original copyright and ownership of the photograph. The Submitter must own the original photograph or digital image and all copyrights, or he/she must have written permission from the original copyright holder to upload the image to the Internet. Also, the Submitter must have permission from all persons appearing in any uploaded photographs to post the image on the Internet.

LBInet and its agents cannot possibly prove ownership rights for any photo or image uploaded to its web sites and therefore will delete any image if ownership is contested. Also, any person appearing in an uploaded photograph can request that the image be removed from LBInet.

LBInet does not hold any legal rights to the original photograph, and may only use the uploaded digital image as described below in the licensing agreement.

Licensing Agreement

The Submitter of a photograph to an LBInet server or web site grants LBInet a limited license to use the image. By uploading the file to an LBInet server, the Submitter automatically grands this license to LBInet and agrees to the terms stated in this agreement.

This agreement pertains only to those photographs or images submitted to LBInet to be used and displayed in the area of its web site that have the following names: "LBInet Photos" or "VPhoto" or "Vacation Photos" or "LBI Photos." Images may be also be displayed under the heading of "Featured Photo."

LBInet may use the digital image anywhere on the web site where the image was uploaded. LBInet MAY NOT use the image on any other web site unless the image was uploaded to that web site.

If the Submitter gives LBInet permission to use the uploaded image in its eCards (virtual postcards) or other applications where the image may be sent to other servers via e-mail, ftp, or other means, LBInet may transfer the image to another server or person as part of the specific application. LBInet may only transfer those images or photographs where the Submitter has given specific permission to do so. A copyright notice will be displayed with any transferred images declaring the ownership of the image by the Submitter. However, because of the rights granted to copyright owners, persons appearing in photographs, etc., the Submitter should consider giving permission that his/her uploaded image be allowed to be included in any other application if and only if he/she is willing to give up copyright ownership of the image and offer it to the public domain. Once LBInet has transferred the image file to another server or person as part of an application, it is not responsible for the distribution and/or copyright protection of the image. Any and all such applications originating from LBInet's server(s) will be owned and copyrighted by LBInet.


LBInet, its owner and agents are not liable for any damages whatsoever occuring as a result of any photograph, graphic or image submitted by a visitor to the LBInet web site via the Internet and the Submit Your Photo form.

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